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We think of love as deep affection for friends, family, partners, and spouse based on admiration, benevolence, common interest or familiarity. The definition for love seems to agree with most people's expectations and assumptions.

Source: Merriam-Webster

We intrinsically understand this. Socially we seek deeper connections with people, build lasting bonds and relationships. Recreationally we connect and find pursuits that inspire us. Professionally, many would say happiness and success, comes to those who love what they do. Romantically people search for it their entire lives.

If love is so important, and perhaps even necessary, it leads us to ask some uncomfortable questions about ourselves, our society, and our expectations and understanding of love.

  • Why do so many struggle with finding and accepting love?
    Instead of finding love, people sometimes sabotage their own efforts. Even when they have found love, they may feel inadequate or unworthy of love.

  • Why do so many struggle giving and showing love?
    It may be the cold, seemingly uncaring, or oblivious parent, sibling, friend or spouse, but unreciprocated love hurts the very people important to us. It may sound incredulous to some but giving and showing love can be a difficult thing.

  • Why do so many people go into careers they do not love?
    It's all the rage in the modern work world to do what we love as a career. This love is passion, fire, and inspiration. However, more people are still going into careers they have no passion or excitement for. You probably sit with them, work with them, complain over coffee with them. Perhaps it is even yourself in a job and career you feel is unsuitable for your passion and growth goals.?

In our next installments, we'll explore some of these reasons for the disconnect between need, desire, and acts of love. It may surprise and shock you.

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