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Think about all the people you know. Each of them have fought their own internal battles with fear, doubt, stress, uncertainty. Some have even had to deal with this chronically. It is likely you have gone through this as well. Many people will internalise this experience to seek out happiness and is externalised as career building, wealth building, status building. In doing so, people introduce and impose those very same stresses and unhappiness into their lives.

Achievements and success are important and necessary but time and again, we know that these quests for material success can have limitations. After a certain point, people fall into a trap where they no longer can see what happiness looks like or why they should even be allowed to experience it.

In Regrets of the Dying (Bronnie Ware), one of many regrets people had was:

People regret the time they didn't spend with their spouse, children, family and friends. When people don't make time for themselves, to digest what they have, to allow themselves to gain new experiences with people that matter to them, they don't allow themselves the opportunity for happiness.

Do you see people who fit this profile? Would you know how to help them?

Is this person you?

CAE's Counselling Psychology programme will give you the skills, knowledge and insight to determine what you can get out of life for yourself. The Programmes cover a range of theoretical, analytical, conceptual and function skills to prepare you to work effectively as a counsellor so that you can help others see their potential as well.


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