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We all know someone who is going through rough patches in their lives for a variety of reasons. Perhaps even you are going through such troubles.

Maybe you have lost a loved one, failed at a relationship, lost a job, hit a dead end in your career, or your personal life isn't going as smoothly as you had hoped. This sense of unfairness that you've been dealt the short end of the stick while others have it better is a common view that people entertain when things aren't going so well for them.

It's perfectly alright, and quite common, to feel this way. It is only when you start to lose perspective on these setbacks do they lead to feelings of resentment, inadequacy, even despondency and depression. Once you take setbacks personally, things start taking a turn for the worse and can jeopardise your future success and happiness.

The people who always seem to be able to bounce up effortlessly after setbacks are people who have a healthy perspective of their lives and the things that happen to them.

  1. They understand that setbacks are temporary. A horrid day, week, month or even year won't be the end to them. They believe they can recover from the setback because it's temporary.

  2. They believe they can choose how to look at their situation. By doing this, they take charge of their thought and resultant actions. They see and believe that they can choose their outcome despite the current situation they are in.

  3. Many will find meaning and opportunity in the situation they are in and use that as a trigger to improve themselves and their situation. Combined with the thought that the situation is transient, they choose to se opportunity and make the best out of a bad situation.

Many of the most successful people we read about and know share these qualities. It's a mindset and perspective they have that elevates them and allows them to see that they are in charge of everything that happens in their lives. Success usually follows closely behind.

This isn't a special skill only powerful and successful people have.

You have it too but do you know HOW to change your perspective?

CAE's Counselling Psychology programme will give you the skills, knowledge and insight to determine what you can get out of life for yourself. The Programmes cover a range of theoretical, analytical, conceptual and function skills to prepare you to work effectively as a counsellor so that you can help yourself and others see their full potential.

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