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The demand for Special Needs education in Singapore will continue to grow over the next few years and into the forseeable future. The Straits Times shed light recently on the increasing demand for educators, Special Needs schools and voluntary welfare organisations to increase their capacity in Singapore.

There are currently

  • 5,500 children with special education needs that attend Special Education schools.
  • 40% of them have autism
  • 40% of them have intellectual disabilities
  • 20% of them have other disabilities, such as cerebral palsy

    (Source: Ministry of Education, Straits Times Graphics)

The Ministry of Education has been working with the 13 Special Education schools to increase capacity, specifically for children with autism. There are currently only 3 schools catering specifically for students with autism. (The Straits Times, 24 Janurary 2017)

CAE Special Education

Schools and educators have highlighted the increasing need to ramp up teacher training so they have the skillset to meet this demand. This will be more critical by 2019 when children with special needs will be required to attend any of the government-funded special education schools in Singapore.

Will you answer that call?

College of Allied Educators offers our Advanced Diploma in Special Education and Diploma in Learning Disorders Management and Child Psychology programmes to help you understand your child or the child in your care to more effectively help in their learning and development.

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